iPhone 8 Listings Tease Future Releases – ValueWalk

More share buttons Share on Pinterest Share with your friends As Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL ) continues to prepare for the release of the iPhone 7 , some early iPhone 8 identifiers have emerged. Fiksu has reported that it has spotted two new iPhone devices in its web traffic logs for the month of July. These are […]


Microsoft Jumps On Android And iOS To Boost Its Wearable Strategy – Forbes

Microsoft’s strategy to gather users to its cloud based services continued to grow this week as it improved its offering in the wearable space. Microsoft Band (image: Ewan Spence) The latest update to Microsoft Outlook on iOS  increases the functionality and flexibility of the email application’s Apple Watch interface. Users of Cupertino’s digital timepiece will find it easier to see […]

HAMLET by Shakespeare,

Lay down thy iPhone – Telegraph.co.uk

Benedict Cumberbatch as Hamlet Photo: Johan Persson To film or not to film, that is the question . Whether ’tis nobler in the mind, to sit still And listen to the words the Bard has written Or to raise arms amid a sea of iPhones And capture them for YouTube: to film, to watch No more; […]

Word play: Describing Android with two words – Macworld

Word play: Describing Android with two words – Macworld Much like Grover had a bad, awful day , Android has had a bad, awful couple of weeks on the security front. “Android! Your ice cream fell off your cone!” [Android looks down, slumps shoulders and frowns] Writing for Ars Technica, Ron Amadeo describes the recent […]


Apple Watch Competition: Android Wear Still Kicking – BGR

Apple Watch Competition: Android Wear Still Kicking – BGR You might be forgiven for thinking that the Apple Watch is the only smartwatch worth buying. But watches running Android Wear are alive, kicking, and getting better. With the Apple Watch seeing better-than-expected sales and tons of media exposure, Google is trying to keep pace with […]