The 5 best Android and iOS apps of summer 2015 – CIO

Every few months, I look back at the apps I recently reviewed and ask myself a few questions: Which of the apps have I used at least semi-regularly since my review? Which ones would I recommend to a friend? And which ones stand a good chance of being around for a while? (R.I.P., Circa News, […]


Apple's iPhone 7 Secret Camera Project Revealed – Forbes

Despite its incredible success over the years and some very convincing advertising campaigns, the iPhone is now well and truly outgunned when it comes to core camera specs. Perhaps not for long. Since the launch of the iPhone 6, Apple has been continually filing patents detailing all manner of advanced technologies, and now a report in […]


Google Fights Microsoft With New Android Branding – Forbes

Along with a tweak in the application design guidelines, Google has updated its own applications for Android with a subtle graphical tweak to remind users just who the driving force behind the ecosystem actually is. Not only are splash screens now an acceptable part of Android design, Google is making immediate use of them in a defensive move against […]


Force Touch is Reportedly Coming to iPhone – Gizmodo

Ahoy, an Apple rumor! Unnamed sources tell Bloomberg Business Apple has begun production on an iPhone model equipped with Force Touch, the same haptic feedback feature that made its debut this year in the Apple Watch and the company’s new MacBook. The introduction of Force Touch to iPhone is being hailed by some as Apple’s […]


Apple reportedly starts making force-sensitive iPhones – Engadget

Those rumors of a pressure-sensitive iPhone just gained a little more weight. Bloomberg sources claim that Apple has begun “early production” of iPhone models that incorporate Force Touch input. Full-scale manufacturing would start as soon as July, if all goes well. Don’t expect these devices to be conspicuously different, though. The tipsters say the devices […]

Security analysis finds 14 Android apps that are putting your critical … – VentureBeat

Got email marketing? We’ve got best practices from LivingSocial and estate sale guru Everything But The House in our next Insight webinar. Fourteen apps, which combined represent an estimated 80 million downloads, have serious flaws in the way they handle social logins, according to an analysis by AppBugs. AppBugs, which makes an app for tracking security vulnerabilities, […]