Parental Track Phone: Cell Phone Tracking With GPS or Triangulation

Parental Track Phone: Cell Phone Tracking With GPS or Triangulation

It was once that finding precise location with GPS Global Positioning System technologies mandated procuring expensive and complicated hardware and software. At present, in depth answers are available through cellular service companies and the most recent mobiles.

The tracking and monitoring application on a device commonly need to be enabled by the user. Based on the handset, the application may persist – staying enabled when the phone is started up after having been powered down. This specific characteristic may be especially usefull if cell tracking is useful and you don’t want to need the person using the mobile phone to turn tracking off and on.

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As anyone goes from one cellular tower to another, the radio base stations monitor the strength of the mobile phone’s signal. As the smart phone moves toward the edge of one cell, the signal strength weakens. At the same time, the next radio base station in the cell being approached measures the strength of the signal increasing. As cell phones move from cell postion, to cell postion, the towers transfer the signal from one to another location. In remote locations, cellular towers might be dispersed too much to deliver a good signal. Even when cellular towers are plentiful GPS satellite signals could be interrupted by tall buildings, trees, clouds or mountains. Signals tend not to get through to building interiors very well and sometimes everyone has difficulty acquiring clear signals inside buildings, specifically within elevators. Even without a GPS receiver, or each time a satellite signal is not available, mobile phones may provide information regarding cell phone position. This way of establishing mobile phone position is labelled as Triangulation or Mobile Location Services (MLS). Cell Tower Triangulation employs signal analysis data, including signal strength, to estimate the time it requires signals to go from the cell phone to no less than three cell towers to estimate accurately where it is. There are numerous factors affecting calculations and this technique is inherently less accurate than GPS measurement.

An additional issue pertinent to Tracking Application “Persistence” and mobile phone GPS location is the potential of over using the battery. It is very important to be able to remotely modify the frequency of taking GPS position. Selecting real-time or periodic sampling affects both the resolution of determining position as well as how long the battery will last. One typical way of controlling battery and data use is Passive Tracking. Some handset GPS tracking devices will record position data internally so that it can be downloaded when preferred. Also often called “data logging,” which may preserve location data regardless if the device has traveled away from the cellular network. Passive tracking is not a general feature built-in to standard cell phone, but the most up-to-date mobile phones tend to offer Passive tracking features.

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